Our Story

MIGHTY LEMONS are born of ukulele folklore, the sons of New Orleans ukulele maestro and tent show troubadour, Papa Lemon.

The immiscible synthesis of Nige’s folk influence vocal styling, the atonal jazz dissonance of Paul’s ukulele, the hard-rocking finger-tapping of Martin’s off-tune ukulele, the rhythmic bunk-bunking pudgy-fingered approach to Leigh’s ukulele playing, Andy's fat accordion riffage, bassist Pete’s pink power pop punk background and drummer Olly’s ferocious double-bass pedal power-pop style, grew into a unique, taut, furious sound.

Live, MIGHTY LEMONS are undoubtedly an exciting band. This sevensome of brothers has the ability to hold an audience spellbound with their impassioned and unabashed juxtaposition of melodic intricacy and comedy rock intensity, crafted perfectly into a carefully-weighted mixture of pop sensibility and rock angularity that challenges the listener to resist singing along.

Please check us out at a pub near you, contact us for more information or to sign up to our mailing list.

Group pic yellow3
Leigh Lemon
Leigh yellow
Also Known As:  “The Tall Fat One”  

Instrument: Ukuleleigh

Other instruments: Geetar (well, I own one)

Other Projects: The mighty GLASSFINGER

Influences: Anything from Andrade Bocelli to Slayer. I'm dead cultured, me.

Loves: Peanut butter, Spurs, Chicken Kievs, my family (actual family, not the guff comedy), Peter Lemon

Hates: Arsenal, scallops, Peter Lemons farts

Death Row Meal: Chicken Kiev, chips and sweetcorn

Tell Us A Secret: My ideal gig would be Bill Joel singing metal classics
Martin Lemon
Martin yellow
Also Known As:  “The Short Fat One”

Instrument: Ukulele 

Other instruments: Vocal cords

Other Projects: 

Influences: The Power of Metal

Loves: Being lovely.

Hates: Nothing. I live to love.

Death Row Meal: Oh, anything, I don't want to put anyone to too much trouble.

Tell Us A Secret: Erm, but that would break a confidence?
Nige Lemon
Nige yellow
Also Known As: “The Tallest One” 

Instrument: The Epic Glottis

Other instruments: Yo Mamma

Other Projects: The Nonkey Brothers, Pyjama Charm

Influences: Val Doonican, Simon and Garfunkel, Chris De Burgh, Dean Martin, Michael Jackson

Loves: A hot shower in the middle of the day

Hates: A cold shower in the middle of the night.

Death Row Meal: Barbecue ribs from the Costco at Reading followed by a Caramel Cheesecake from the restaurant at work. Washed down with a cold coke, a pint of Leffe and two fingers of the Balvenie. Oh, and some of those white chocolate Lindt balls. 

Tell Us A Secret: I'm scared of heights and tidal waves
Paul Lemon
Paul yellow
Also Known As: “The Not That Tall, Not That Fat, Maybe The Oldest One”

Instrument: Atonal Uke

Other instruments: Large organ

Other Projects: Forming an avant garde ensemble to extemporise around dissonant bicycle sounds

Influences: Bernard Cribbins earlier cabaret noire music and Gustav Mahler's party album

Loves: Knocking on old ladies doors and then running away

Hates: The bassist

Death Row Meal: Lemons (obviously) with a side of invisibility potion

Tell Us A Secret: The Easter Bunny does not exist but don't tell him
Andy Lemon
Pete Lemon
Andy photo crop
Pete yellow
Also Known As:  The Lovely Lear

Instrument: Accordion

Other instruments: Guitar

Other Projects: Play Accordion for Kingston Morris Dancers and Badgers Set Band

Influences: alcohol

Loves: sailing, kayaking, accordions, writing, film making

Hates: traffic wardens, politicians and rap

Death Row Meal: something with over a hundred courses and impossible to find ingredients

Tell Us A Secret: I might (or might not) have a hand in the website for the National Association of Liars,
Also Known As: "The Shortest Fat One”
Instrument: Bass Ukulele

Other instruments: Vocal cords

Other Projects: GLASSFINGER, The Nonkey Brothers

Influences: Punk and disco

Loves: Eating Double Deckers (the chocolate bar)

Hates: Eating Double Deckers (the mode of transport)

Death Row Meal: Mary Berry's recipe large lemon drizzle cake with a file in it

Tell Us A Secret: Robbie Williams knows the lyrics to The Nonkey Brothers song "Floater"
Bass gear
Olly Lemon
Also Known As: "The Ginger Kid"

Instrument: Drums (when his mum let's him)

Other instruments: Play Station 3

Other Projects: Homework

Influences: Lee Aaron, Harry Judd, Shane Long, Jamie Mackie

Loves: Sleeping

Hates: Getting up

Death Row Meal: MacDonald's Chicken Nuggets and Fries

Tell Us A Secret: Meh. Can't be bothered.
Drum gear